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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Wow, I haven't written in awhile! Well today I've got a few things on my mind so I thought I'd let them go. . .

My boyfriend wants to get a piercing on his face and although I've tried to tell him why I don't want him to get it he still doesn't understand, so I'm hoping he'll read my blog and understand my reasoning a little better.

Well first off he loves to hunt, listen to county music and play the acoustic guitar. That's what I fell in love with. I fell in love with an untouched face that's handsomely "scruffy" at times. I fell in love with camo bibbs, deer hanging from a tree and him right beside it with a big manley grin of pride. I fell in love with him knowing id be alone during hunting season, and I am more than ok with that! What I didn't fall in love with is a piercing on his lip and wherever else, that's not who he really is. He likes the bad as* image that would give him. I just want him to see that he is more than perfect the way he is. His face is gorgeous, broad jaw line, compelling eyes, soft lips and skin. He is absolutely perfect and I don't see a need for change.

If you read this I love you, and even if I don't like what you will decide, I will support it because it makes you happy, and that's all that matters.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Being 18. . not any different.

I just turned 18 yesterday. I can now buy ciggaretts, porn, scratch offs and lotto tickets, get a credit card and a tattoo. Its too bad i don't smoke, need porn or lotto tickets. Being 18 is supposed to be exciting but its not all that great, just another year. There should be something exciting that you can do, like get a check to travel to some exotic place or explore the country. Go sky diving or something. Get out of school an hour or two early. something. . anything exciting!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


an original poem.


American teens. . .
working for their "rite of passage"
Flipping burgers at the local burger joint
in hopes of purchasing cars, cell phones and IPODs. . .
While parents hope they learn the value of money and valuable career lessons.

Low expectations and tired students
frustrated and failing.

Money Management. .
Burden, Failure. . .

it's no wonder that students from Asia and Europe outperform American students: THEIR parents their priorities on EDUCATION.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Everyone is guilty of making some kind of new years resolution. What have your past resolutions been and what was your resolution this year?
To be honest I don't know what my past resolutions were but this year I have a few. This year I hope to put enough money in the bank to be financially secure for the first few months of college. But a more exciting resolution of mine is to do a few things I haven't done yet. For instance im scared of hights but i've always wanted to go on a hot air ballon ride, i want to see and do some other things too.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Global Warming

It's almost Christmas and there is no snow!!! My boyfriend thought I was crazy when we were talking about Christmas because I almost started crying because there is no snow. Christmas isn't the same without snow. A white Christmas is what I'm used too, it has this beauty about it. There's nothing like waking up on Christmas and seeing all the gifts under the tree and after opening them all, going outside to play in the snow. It's just magical, but this year it just doesn't seem like Christmas. What do you think about not having snow on Christmas?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blind for 65 years, now 'new life and light'--The Buffalo news

This was an artical in The Buffalo News on December 10, 2006.

This artical is about a 65 year old woman who had been blind her whole life yet was able to raise 12 children with the help of her loving husband who recently passed away in march 2004. She recieved her cornial transplant after his death and has seen the world clearly for the first time at age 65. she says that if her family and friends hadn't have treated her as though she was normal she would have been a shell. It was their confidence in her that gave her the strength and courage to continue life independantly after childhood.
I cannot even begin to imagine what life would be like if i were blind, neither would i want too, but for a woman to go through life accepting help only when she needed it and forcing herself to figure the rest out on her own seems amazing. And when she finally gets sight at age 65, she is so greatful and finally gets to see her children. That must truely be amazing.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
For Andrea

Sometimes you go thru life and there are things that are more than a "bump in the road." I'm just recently getting my life back together from boyfriend troubles, life troubles, family troubles..and just troubles in general. I would like to say that I realized I only have a few good friends. One of them happens to be Andrea Butcher! Even though i've gone to her house crying or picked her up 1 A.M. because i needed to drive and get some sense knocked into me or just called her to tell her anything good or bad, she's always listened and made my day better. That's a TRUE Best Friend. She takes me shopping and doesn't care when i go the wrong way on the thru-way or doesn't care that i say the stupidest things sometimes. she's always there when i need her - from nights with friends, to boy troubles or good things to share, she's always there!

Thanks for evertying Andrea! I love you Best Friend!
posted by Mandee @ 9:56:00 AM

---This is something that one of my close friends wrote about me recently. It made me feel like although it may be little, I have made an impression on the lives of those around me. I like being the person that mandee looks up to because it makes me feel like I've accomplised something, without even trying. I don't tell her things just to make her feel better, I tell her the truth, and that although it may hurt now, telling her the truth will help her make the right desicion in whatever she is facing. We're not only there for eachother when we have things to talk about but we have alot of fun together, just hanging out with friends. Thank you mandee for being there for me as well. I appricate it. :)

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